Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus. (Acts 4:30)

Years of crying out weighed heavily upon Laura’s heart. Still, the ember of hope remained as she asked our close friend J. O. to pray for the healing of her asthma. In recent months, her condition had worsened; some episodes left her wondering if she would ever breathe normally again. Joining him, Laura and I quietly listened to J. O.’s compassionate heartfelt prayer, clearly moved by the Holy Spirit. Finishing, we thanked him for praying and standing with us. While not feeling much different, a few days later Laura realized that she had not had any breathing problems since. Immediately, we both realized that the change occurred after J. O. prayed. Rejoicing, we called to tell him the news. Now, over fifteen years later, Laura remains asthma free to God’s glory!

Throughout history, the Lord has faithfully demonstrated His desire to release His power and heart. In some instances, He has altered circumstances himself; in other times and places, He has used people in various roles. Our lives are important to Him, and His call to participate in building His kingdom can only be fulfilled as He leads and gives what we need.

Obedience to God comes first by hearing His heart, and then by trusting the part of himself He will give us to share with others. To follow always comes in union with Him.

Receive and act upon the actions being stirred in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, coaching, cooking, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, and their four children live in Sandy, Utah.