The Lord knows the thoughts of man. (Ps. 94:11)

SOMETIMES I WISH I HAD LIVED 150 years ago in rural England—like the PBS program Lark Rise to Candleford. It depicts a rural community that knows little of life even ten miles away. The people depend on each other for friendship in good times and help in difficulties. Seems like so much less stress not to know of wars and diseases, starving children and nuclear weapons.

How do I “hold” all this evil and tension in my soul and not fear or despair? How does even God hold it all? David must have been feeling the weight of evil in his world as he penned the first seven verses of Psalm 94. But then he remembered: The Creator of the universe is not clueless or helpless. God knows all the evil and not only knows, but contains it. God can see and hear and thwart humanity’s plans and even bring good out of what looks hopeless to us. Our God will not allow evil to triumph. Jesus came to illustrate this message for us: Jesus conquered evil forevermore.

So I will place my trust in what I cannot see—our God at work behind the scenes of mass destruction. God has a plan to end warring madness and restore His original image on the face of all creation. But we must watch and pray.

Trust God to contain evil and complete His plan.

Kathy Bence lives in Idaho with her professor husband, Phil.