Marriage should be honored by all. (Heb. 13:4)

“No!” I cried, falling to the cold, tile floor. The discovery of my husband’s affair shattered the once flowery mosaic of my life into tiny, unrecognizable shards. The room began spinning. Life as I knew it changed in that moment. My husband’s actions eventually drove us to divorce and forced our young daughter to know a life of shuttling between two homes. And it destroyed my soul, at least for a while.

It all began innocently: a little chatter and then trying to encourage someone going through a rough time. Yet the only thing innocent about his infidelity is that it affected innocent people.

I’m learning there are other “innocent” events that lead to the downfall of a marriage. For example, most times when a friend shares something her husband said or did, I jump to her side. “How could he?” I declare, even over things of little significance. I convince myself I’m consoling and helping her, but am I really? As a true friend, I need to lovingly direct her back to her husband, to discuss her concerns with him so they can deal with their problems and thereby grow stronger as a couple. Then, when serious troubles and temptations come, the two will have created a strong tie not quickly broken. Part of honoring marriage is to walk through the trials others face with love and grace, giving them hope and encouragement rather than a false sense of self-entitlement and pride.

As Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage should be honored by all.” We need to help honor all marriages.

Encourage a friend who is having a hard time in his or her marriage.

Stacy Voss loves to run, play with her two young kids, and hike in the mountains with her husband outside their home in Colorado.