Beginning in January 2018, students in Houghton College’s online psychology program will have three new academic tracks to choose from.

The professional concentrations–clinical/counseling, social/developmental, and neuroscience–will offer students the opportunity to more intentionally focus their studies within the psychology field. Current and future online students stand to benefit from the ability to specialize in one of the three particular areas at the undergraduate level and enhance their future job options.

Graduates of Houghton’s online psychology degree pursue professional careers as clinical and counseling psychology, student and personnel development, school psychology, clinical social work and human services. The flexibility of Houghton’s online programs allows working professionals, stay-at-home parents and those seeking a non-residential college experience to complete the same curriculum in 18 months or less, depending on their transfer credits.

“We have made encouraging strides in opening the doors of a Houghton College education more widely to people of different backgrounds, different experiences and different economic means through our online program,” said Dr. Marlene Collins-Blair, dean of Houghton College Online. “It gives us an occasion to remember what it is that draws us together in this extraordinary place called Houghton College–virtually or otherwise–and challenges us to build a future that both honors and transcends our past.”

Earlier this year, Christian Universities Online lauded Houghton College Online as one of its top 25 online Christian school programs.