There he was transfigured before them. (Mark 9:2)

MY HUSBAND AND I live near Rocky Mountain National Park. We often go there to relax and enjoy God’s creation. One day we met John and Diane, a couple visiting the park for the first time. I asked them if they were enjoying their stay. “Oh, yes,” Diane said. “It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ll never forget the glorious things we’ve seen. We don’t want to leave this place, but we have to get back to work.”

It must have been hard for Peter, James, and John to leave the mountaintop after witnessing Christ’s glorious transfiguration and seeing Him speak with Moses and Elijah. Peter even suggested building three shelters for them (Matt. 17:4). But the Lord led His disciples back down the mountain to the crowded, dusty streets and thankless service of their common life. Calvary was waiting, and Jesus would faithfully complete the work the Father had sent Him to do. He had work for the disciples to do, too. And all three of them would obediently fulfill their calling.

The Christian’s life is full of both glorious experiences and daily drudgery. One sign of our spiritual maturity is when we can be empowered by God’s Spirit to faithfully serve the Lord in good days, as well as bad. Remembering that Jesus gave up His glory for the cross should inspire us to persevere, no matter what.

When a bad day comes, don’t just muddle through. Turn to the Lord for encouragement.

Nancy Reinke lives in the Colorado Rockies with her artist husband. She enjoys writing, hiking, grandmothering, and encouraging others.