Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. (Luke 10:3)

LOOTING SPREAD through New Orleans as quickly as the water breached its makeshift dikes. Slinging industrial-sized trash bags onto their backs, people sloshed through waist-deep water to steal food, clothing, and jewelry left unattended in the midst of the chaos. Many law enforcement officers deserted their posts, while community members and tourists were left helpless to defend themselves. Powerless against Hurricane Katrina—and many of New Orleans’ residents—the city was a wasteland.

Despite the anarchy, several people—including fire fighters, hotel managers, pastors, and restaurant owners—stood in the gap to provide shelter, food, and protection for the suffering. They saw the destruction but focused on the need of the people. Jesus’ instruction to the seventy-two took a similar situation into account. Christ knew that sin threatened to overwhelm people and destroy the lives of those in its path. Yet He commissioned the disciples to head directly into the eye of the storm to offer hope and restoration despite the looming threat. Jesus expects us to do the same.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, people aren’t abandoned to the waves threatening to drown them. In Him they can find protection from the one who comes to steal and destroy. Like He did with the disciples, Christ sends us out to help those who are suffering and afraid. Let’s go—the world is waiting.

Meditate on Christ’s command to reach out to others.

Tammy Kennington is a preschool director and literacy intervention specialist. Tammy enjoys playing board games with her husband and four children.