Children in Wesleyan churches in Cuba will be learning Bible stories through an initiative by Wesleyan Publishing House.

The publisher of The Wesleyan Church has printed Bible story cards in a card deck format. Fifty cards of Old Testament stories and another 50 with New Testament stories are available in Spanish and will be given to children in the rapidly growing Wesleyan churches in Cuba.

The cards include a story picture on one side, with a summary of the Scripture story in Spanish on the other.

“These cards are an excellent way to teach the Bible and give children in the 35 Wesleyan churches in Cuba a gift to take home and keep,” said Wayne MacBeth, publisher for The Wesleyan Church.

The national superintendent for The Wesleyan Church in Cuba has seen the cards and is “excited,” conveying that the families in Wesleyan churches do not currently have these types of resources. He would love to be able to give them to families in every Wesleyan church.

Five dollars will buy a card deck and will also help pay for the expensive shipping cost to fly them into Cuba on one of the few chartered flights now available. Twenty dollars would pay for a speech sketch DVD of six video Bible stories (in Spanish) as well.

“Whether your church or children’s classes might give $5.00 or $500.00, it will be a wonderful gift to help children in Cuba who have no materials on Scripture like this at all to learn from and enjoy,” said MacBeth.

Financial gifts that can be sent in by March 15 would help with the first shipment. Donate electronically at or pay by check. Checks can be made payable to “The Wesleyan Church,” with “Bible Story Card” in the memo line. Mail checks to:

The Wesleyan Church

c/o General Treasurer’s Office

P.O. Box 50434

Indianapolis, IN 46250