On Wednesday, May 25, the 14th General Conference began with the installation of the General Superintendent, General Board and general officers of The Wesleyan Church (TWC). General Superintendent Emerita Dr. Jo Anne Lyon presided over the installation.

Dr. Lyon charged TWC’s newly elected leaders to work together in mutual accountability and mutual submission. “I believe God has called The Wesleyan Church to lead at this time in history as never before.”

She then read 1 Corinthians 12, which instructs the church that while there are many parts, all are necessary for they are all one body — the body of Christ.

Rev. Dr. Wayne Schmidt was the first to be installed. His acceptance of the office was met with a standing ovation. Kevin Batman, Dennis Jackson, Ed Love, Johanna Rugh and Janelle Vernon were then installed as general officers.

With general officer installation complete, Dr. Lyon charged Dr. Schmidt to “remember from whence we have come” as she handed the Freedom’s Hill gavel over to him.

The General Board and Wesleyan Investment Foundation’s (WIF) CEO Craig Dunn were also inducted into service.

As delegates and attendees stood with outstretched hands toward the stage, Dr. Lyon prayed, asking the Lord that we may “be a body of love.” Quietly and reverently, the body of Christ in that sacred moment sang with one voice “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” to conclude the service.

Jennifer Jones is the district administrator of the South Carolina District.


General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt


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