NBC’s The Voice has this phenomenon called the “instant save.” Many refer to it as the first and most impactful Twitter-based vote spectrum on television. Some even go so far to say it is the most successful social TV integration of all time. Some of these statements make me scratch my head because if it is the “first” of such things, how can it be the most impactful or successful of all time? Oh well.

How does the “instant save” work? Each week, when the last three singing contestants are announced, the audience can choose one to save from being eliminated. This happens by tweeting a vote using the hashtag #VoiceSave. The salvation comes instantly with the tallies announced live on-air, during the actual episode of the very popular television contest.

Well, Advent reminds me and everyone who cares that there is a more original, more successful “instant save” than NBC or The Voice has ever even thought about. His name is Jesus! Immanuel! God with us! And he came to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). All of heaven has voted and the forgiveness is instant in your life. There is no “show.” The audience is God the Father and when he sent his one and only Son to save us from sin, the final tally was offered once for all time and for all who will believe. Some in my tradition continue to struggle with the fact that people have been “chosen” by God. The fact is, all of humankind have been chosen to be in a relationship with God since before time ever began.

So, this Advent season, this Christmas, the choice is up to you. God through Jesus Christ offers this instant salvation. The response to accept the forgiveness of your sin is up to you. Instant love. Instant forgiveness. Instant regeneration. Instant transformation will begin when you repent and accept Christ into your heart and life. Frankly, God offers the first and best “instant save” of all time through Jesus Christ, our Savior. And he didn’t even need Twitter to get it done.

The question is this: Will you accept it by believing that Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord? Why delay the saving grace of Jesus? Think about it. Christmastime is a great time of the year to celebrate the ultimate “instant save” as a gift from God himself.

Dr. Jim Dunn is executive director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship for The Wesleyan Church.