He will die for lack of discipline, led astray by his own great folly. (Prov. 5:23)

JENNY’S DOG, BANDIT, was her best friend. They had hours of fun together. Jenny would even bring Bandit up into the tree she loved to climb, and he would sit in doggy heaven while Jenny pretended she was a pirate or an adventurer.

But Bandit had a bad habit. He loved to chase anything that moved, no matter where that chase took him, and Jenny’s family lived on a busy state highway. The combination proved to be bad for Bandit’s health. One spring day while Jenny was at school, a delivery truck struck Bandit. It was a miracle he survived the impact, albeit with severe injuries.

Jenny’s dad decided it was time for some strong boundaries for Bandit. He bought and installed an invisible fence. That proved to be just the ticket for saving Bandit’s life. He lived to be a wonderful old dog with a graying muzzle and only a limp to remind him of the cost of straying outside safe boundaries.

God helps us to set wise boundaries for ourselves. As His faithful students, we don’t have to come close to death in order to learn where the edges are. He offers safety zones for everything from our conduct in marriage to our business practices.

If we are willing, God will teach us where the “fence” is. Within that boundary, we will thrive.

Choose today to honor God’s boundaries for your life.

Annie Wamberg is a recent empty-nester. She is enjoying the quiet as well as gardening and traveling.