God continues to use this amazing ministry tool (the Gospel of Luke in film) around the world, accompanied by salvations, miracles of healing, and release from the bondage of sin.

By way of summary, I can report that in 2016, the film was shown 1,503 times in our Global Partners-related ministries. There were over 300,000 viewers and 120,676 documented responses. It took 36 JESUS film teams sacrificially working to bring these results in the 18 countries with these teams.

Hundreds of cell groups emerged from among the new believers, which have resulted in 96 new church plants and 124 additional preaching points, just from this one year. Allow me to share a typical miracle story, this one from Nepal.

Prayers of Faith (from Pastor Ajay in Nepal)

The film showing had finished, and I had been praying for one hour with many people who came forward for prayer for many things. At that moment a man with his wife and three sons came before me and told me that they saw the JESUS film and wanted to accept Christ. I asked him to tell me his story so that I may know him better and remember him in my prayer. He said:

“My name is Bala, and these are my wife and sons. The first one’s name is Dinesh, who is very sick. We believe a demon spirit must possess him. We took him to witch doctors, doing everything we could. We gave money, sacrificed animals, but nothing happened. So we borrowed some money and went to Kathmandu for medical treatment, but it did not help either. In one hand here is our son who is still sick and in the other hand I now have loans to pay. We have become so frustrated with life. It looked hopeless. But today, when we were watching your film, I was really touched by the part where Jesus healed a demon-possessed boy, 12 years old. And just at that moment I believed that if there is anything that could release my son from his sickness, then it must be Jesus Christ. He is the only hope now for us. So we come to you and ask you to help us.”

My teammates and I prayed for them and especially for the boy. That night, they accepted Christ as their Savior and healer for their lives. And God did a miracle that night. To this day the boy is doing well and the whole family is now part of our church.

This is one of many miracles that God is doing around the world through the ministry of the JESUS film and the evangelists who take the gospel to the villages and towns. These are a direct result of God’s generous people supporting and praying for men and women like Pastor Ajay. (Photo is of pastor Ajay with Bala’s three boys.)

More than anything, our JESUS film teams need your prayer. Please pray for:

  • Courage for our teams that operate in dangerous areas
  • Safety traveling and strong vehicles necessary to reach many villages with the gospel
  • Giving for the JESUS Film Partnership by our amazing supporters, including new partners
  • New believers who face much opposition and who need nurturing and discipling
  • The many new churches that have been planted and need strong trained leadership

Pastor Ajay