Not everyone knows freedom—spiritually, or even physically. The Global Slavery Index reported that globally over 40 million people are subject to modern slavery—more than the entire population of California. One in four of these victims of modern slavery are children. Trafficking of humans for forced labor, forced marriage or forced sexual exploitation is real, it is pervasive and it is happening right now.

Since its foundation, The Wesleyan Church has maintained deep commitment to the anti-slavery movement, benchmarked at the 1843 Wesleyan Anti-Slavery Convention and by abolitionist fathers like Orange Scott and Micajah McPherson.

World Hope International—the relief and development arm of The Wesleyan Church—has a deep legacy in fighting against human trafficking. World Hope recognizes that in order to combat issues of trafficking in persons, it is necessary to work collaboratively at all levels of society—from raising awareness at the household-level, to education of law enforcement officers and social workers, to advocacy at the highest levels of government. Through emergency aftercare, World Hope offers survivors a path toward recovery, providing immediate and comprehensive care, education, life skills training, and connection to legal counsel. World Hope’s prevention work, through public awareness/education, networking, and training at the community level is key to protecting those who are susceptible to abuse.

On July 1, 2018, Wesleyan churches around the country and World Hope International will stand united against modern slavery and advocate for human rights around the globe. Freedom Sunday seeks to raise awareness and understanding about modern slavery and unite the church in action and prayer, catalyzed by the Holy Spirit. Together, we believe in God’s desire for freedom and justice for the oppressed, the downtrodden, the abused and exploited.

Download a bulletin insert, justice-themed songs for worship, a video, Scripture passages on freedom and justice, a one-week prayer calendar and more.

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