From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded. (Luke 12:48)

WHILE OTHER BOYS filled toy trucks with sand and moved them down paths they made to dump and start again, Randy Hofman made sand castles in the sandbox he shared with his sisters. On family vacations at Ocean City, Maryland, he ran to the beach and dug deep into the wet sand to create many masterpieces.

Today he combines his love for sand sculpture with his love for God and creates scenes from stories in the Bible such as Noah’s ark, Moses and the Ten Commandments, Daniel in the lions’ den, the crucifixion, and more. He rejoices when he sees children ask their parents what the images are about. He calls it “Sandy Sunday School, a place where people meet a God who loves them and invites them to be part of His family.”

God gave each of us talents and abilities to use for His glory. It’s our responsibility to discover and practice them—then give them back to Him. Randy says, “Anything you like to do, somehow you can use it for the Lord.”

I recognize God uses me to cry with a grieving friend or visit a shut-in. My greatest joy comes from seeing a kid’s face light up in Sunday school when he or she experiences God’s love through a Bible story. That’s why I show up for class on Sundays.

Ask God how He can use things you like for His glory.

Sue Tornai lives with her husband, John, and dog, Maggie, in northern California. She teaches elementary Sunday school and leads a Christian writers group.