Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy. (Ps. 107:22)

MY FAVORITE MASTER COMPOSER has never taken classes in music theory or lyric writing. I’ve never heard any of his songs on the radio or seen his name under the title of a piece of music. He wouldn’t dream of performing his pieces publicly because, well, he’s not really what anyone would call a great singer. No, his best work is done for audiences of one, though he might stretch things to include one or two more individuals. Who is this mystery composer? My husband. Typically, his songs arise spontaneously from a heart filled with love for me or his children. Often the lyrics make us laugh, but they never fail to make their subject feel loved and appreciated. For example, Grace, the youngest, might be blessed with a song that tells about her willingness to work hard, her joyful attitude, or her love for her family.

Just like Rick’s family loves to hear his loving (and humorous) lyrics set to popular tunes, God wants to hear “songs of joy” and praise from His children. And why wouldn’t we honor His request? He has met our needs and shown His love in countless ways—providing basic necessities, fellowship with other believers, His written Word, and salvation through His Son. He has done so much for us!

Why not change the words to that tune you can’t get out of your head. Create lyrics that praise God for His mighty works in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Just sing!

Sing a song of praise to God!

Mary Blackford is a full-time student and freelance editor. She and her husband, Rick, li