The merging conference for the Kentucky and Tennessee districts of The Wesleyan Church has elected Dr. Marlin R. Hotle (pictured right with General Superintendent Jerry G. Pence) as the new Kentucky-Tennessee district superintendent. Formerly DS of the Tennessee District, Hotle will assume his duties as Kentucky-Tennessee district superintendent on June 30, 2012.

The merged district will have three assistant district superintendents—one from Kentucky, one from Tennessee, and a Hispanic assistant. Its first annual district conference will be held on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the Richmond Grace Wesleyan Church, 136 Aspen Avenue, Richmond, Kentucky. Lay delegates who served at the May 5 merging conference will also serve as lay delegates to the June 30 conference.

Marlin Hotle and his wife, Darla, reside in Clinton, Tennessee, and are the parents of three grown children: Heather, Amber, and Sonya.

General Superintendent Dr. Jerry G. Pence who chaired the May 5 merging conference in Berea, Kentucky, said, “This merger represents fresh passion and commitment for spreading hope and holiness, especially in underserved cities and communities of Kentucky and Tennessee where people are waiting for the message of transforming grace Christ has given us to offer. It was a privilege to be part of the process of inspiring new vision and building unity to create this promising new district.”

-Photo courtesy of Marlin Hotle