Luciano Latouche grew up in Leogane, Haiti. From the age of three, he was in the Compassion International Program, a child advocacy ministry partnered with The Wesleyan Church in Haiti.

Latouche grew up in the Church and became a believer at a young age. When his mother fell sick, he recalls praying for her to be healed and seeing the hand of God at work. “This experience became a cornerstone for my faith,” he reflects.

Being a part of Compassion International played a major role in Latouche staying in church.

“My mother is a believer so I grew up in church, but Compassion International truly kept me in church because one of the requirements to stay in the program was church attendance,” Latouche shares.

“My mom would urge me to go to church but the requirements of Compassion kept me going when I might have stopped.”

Eventually Latouche developed a strong bond with the local church in Haiti and became a part of leadership and youth ministry. He reflects on how being a part of Compassion fanned the flame for his desire to work in youth ministry:

“Being in an environment where youth ministry was the focus developed a strong affection in me for youth. I had the opportunity to lead a few activities through Compassion and when I was old enough I became involved in my local church helping with youth ministry.”

Latouche studied Christian education at Christianville College in Haiti for a year. Through a Global Partners youth conference, he heard about a scholarship opportunity to study at Kingswood University. He applied and was awarded the scholarship.

Latouche’s affection for youth ministry has led him to a very different culture—and climate—as he took the step to travel to Kingswood University in Canada from Haiti to continue his studies.

Now in his second year at Kingswood, Latouche feels the Lord is preparing his heart and showing him opportunities for ministry.

“Kingswood is an environment where people are really passionate about ministry,” he shares, “My eyes have been opened to opportunities for ministry. I am also noticing how I am not just seeing more opportunities, but I am more concerned about the opportunities I see.”

Latouche has spent his last two summer breaks in Canada serving in Caton’s Island Camp—this past year, as the spiritual life coordinator. The director of the camp, Dean Stephenson, has the motto: “You don’t build character in comfort.” Working under Stephenson’s leadership has challenged Latouche spiritually and pushed him to step out of his comfort zone.

After graduation, Latouche plans on returning to Haiti to be involved with youth ministry. “I have a passion for education, and teaching is my spiritual gift,” he shares, “I plan on using it for the benefit of the youth in Haiti.”