Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

“IT’S FREEZING IN HERE,” Sandra said. “We need to keep the temperature at a comfortable level for the customers.

“Well, I’m hot,” Amanda retorted. She moved the thermostat setting again.

Sandra felt overwhelmed by stress and frustration. It was the same situation every day. Amanda seemed determined to fight her on every detail. If Sandra set up a display, Amanda moved it on Sandra’s day off. She criticized the decisions Sandra made and talked about her behind her back. The tension between them grew. How much longer could she endure this stress? She didn’t want to cause trouble for Amanda, but as manager of the department, she felt responsible for everything that happened. It seemed like an impossible situation, but Sandra knew it was best to leave it in God’s hands instead of handling it on her own.

A few days later, the owner approached Sandra. “I’m going to fire Amanda. She was very rude to a customer yesterday.”

Sandra breathed a sigh of relief, not because she was rid of Amanda but because God had taken care of the situation. If she had tried to handle it alone, she might have made everything worse.

Jesus told the rich ruler that what seemed impossible with people is always possible with God. Even when we can’t see a solution, God has one for us.

Leave the impossible circumstances in your life to God.

Vickie Phelps lives in Texas with her husband and their schnauzer. She collects books, plays the organ, and is a trained cake decorator.