My name is Ajay. I’m from a Hindu family in the country of Nepal. From my earliest recollection, my mother was always suffering from severe sickness and disease. According to the culture of Hinduism, we visited many witch doctors who applied many kinds of medicines for the healing of my mother, but to no effect. Instead, over time, she was losing her mind while her body was slowing dying. My father had become worried and hopeless over my mother’s situation.

As the days passed, nothing seemed possible until day one when a Christian man came to our village and started preaching. Desperate, my father invited this man into our home to see my mother. He told my parents that if we believed in Christ, we could be free from all the diseases. My mom excitedly placed her faith in Jesus, and she was cured just as this man had preached.

That day our family chose to follow Jesus. However, to change your religion was a crime in our society. After several days people in our village learned that we had changed our religion. They came to our home, beat us, and exiled us from the village.

It’s true that in our family we had a lot of problems, but God dwells in us. He helps us carry our problems or he takes them away. God has led me each step of the way. I am very thankful to him every day and completely place my trust in him. At first I knew nothing about God. Gradually I got the opportunity to know him very well, and I was baptized in 2005. Immediately I started to help in the church and preach in the streets to anyone who would listen.

In 2006 I was invited to attend leadership training in Kathmandu. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to learn more deeply about God and how I could serve him. Upon concluding my training, I was assigned to start showing the JESUS film in various rural villages that had never heard about Jesus. I preached about God’s great work in my life and his love towards us.

Through the JESUS film, we provide people a golden opportunity to know about the one true God. I feel very honored to tell them about Christ and to see them believe in him. My aim is to promote Jesus through the JESUS film and to preach the gospel so people can be delivered from their superstitions and have the hope of heaven.

Although I have seen many miracles and God has helped me plant many churches, I have a desire to work more efficiently in my ministry. I want to be able to influence new disciples to preach Jesus and spread the gospel over all of Nepal. There is much more for me to learn—I pray for that opportunity. I praise God’s name for his loving kindness to me.

Ajay serves as pastor at Wesleyan Emmanuel Church in Nepal.