Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. (Phil. 2:5)

TEN-YEAR-OLD EVAN FLOATED down the river on the inner tube with many gathered at the family reunion. Shortly after the trip began, he had a minor emergency. When brushed by a low-lying tree branch, he panicked. He grabbed the branch and held on for dear life, lost his inner tube to the current, and dangled in the water, his feet barely touching bottom. His cousin Cindy saw what happened, yelled for someone to grab the inner tube, and was able to stop and assist him. Sensing his panic, she gently said, “Evan, I can help. But you’re gonna have to let go of the branch.” After a brief dunking, Evan was reunited with his inner tube and ready to avoid another tree branch.

What are you holding on to, as if your life depended on it? It’s the very thing that’s holding you back from living like Jesus. When your decisions depend on considerations like “What will all my friends think?” and “If I commit myself this way, my social life will dry up,” you’re hung up in a way that prevents you from growing and serving more as a Christian. Let go of your rights, your reputation, and your pride. Not only will God use you in His plan in ways you haven’t yet experienced, He will also lift you and reward you for following Jesus’ example of humility.

Hang on to Jesus for dear life. You won’t be disappointed!

Paul Zinter serves as a substitute teacher. He enjoys writing, bread making, and teaching at his local church.