When I began to travel for my current job, I preferred to cocoon on the plane. I used the time to catch up on emails and sleep.

It didn’t take long for me to sense the Holy Spirit’s conviction, as the Lord was nudging me out of my cocoon. I must live as a sent one.

For this season of my life, airports and airplanes have become my mission field, to strike up a conversation if people want to talk.

Now I have a list of names and a few details about each person in my notes, so I can remember to pray for the salvation of Ebony, Erling, Mary, Peter, Lisa, James, Carnegie, Tyson and Sandhu.

Amarish is a Hindu who loves to learn about other religions. He asked me to share a teaching with him after I spent time asking him about his Hindu practices. As I opened my Bible app to the book of John and started talking about Jesus, he closed his eyes and leaned forward, taking it in.

Recently, I prayed with Valerie who needs back surgery but is afraid. She asked for my business card, so she can follow up with me after surgery.

Last year, Church Multiplication and Discipleship partnered with Ed Stetzer at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism on a research project for small churches. Among the top indicators for growth by conversions was, “The pastor more often attends a class or conference to learn personal evangelism skills. If the pastor is a learner and stays inspired and growing in the area of evangelism, that pastor’s church will reach more people who commit to Christ and who stick.”

God has begun to favor The Wesleyan Church.

Will we stay humble and keep our motives pure?

Will we keep reaching lost people for Jesus?

Will we live as sent ones?