To live unmasked is to live a life natural to who you are, giving yourself permission to be who God created you to be.

Defeating the fear of disappointing others.

Defeating the unreality of perfection.

Choosing to live a real life in vulnerability and authenticity with those around you in a way that allows your life and heart to be transformed.

This is Annesley Writers’ goal in Unmasked: From Comparing, Competing, and Concealing to Barefaced Sisterhood. Stories written by six women who hold unique positions in the world, this downloadable group study creates the space for you to grow and reflect with the people you trust.

Annesley Writers Forum was created to provide a platform for women communicators that would flourish into a network of stories and talent. Writers are offered the support, mentorship and development that elevates them to the platforms God has designed for them.

Unmasked came out of this community.

Christin Taylor, chief editor for Annesley Writers Forum, believes that Unmasked is a well-written and refreshing resource that will lead your small group into living life with the mask off, along with providing enlightening discussion questions and Bible study.

Unmasked was written for people who struggle with living up to unrealistic expectations and the juggling act of masks. It’s for people who feel like they just want to be real for a minute within a small group.

“Annesley’s desire is to give us permission to put our performance masks down and truly see each other and be seen by others. Society doesn’t really allow us to step out of the door with our rough draft selves exposed to the world. We are supposed to be fully revised and polished and performance ready. But our spirits were never meant to live like this. Everything about our life suffers under this false reality: our mental and emotional health, our bodies, our families and our faith.”

Are you exhausted by the performance?

Do you feel like you’re living out of obligation and responsibility?

Do you feel the anxiety of being seen?

You may be living life out of a pseudo self, not the true self that Christ has created you to be.

It’s time for you to take off your mask.

Order your copy of Unmasked by logging into This download has 10 files including a leader’s guide, six essays, a welcome letter, a prologue and an epilogue to help further discussion.