You are awesome, O God, in your sanctuary. (Ps. 68:35)

THE JAPANESE HAVE A WORD for the sense upon meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love (koi no yokan). We don’t have that word in English, but we know the feeling. We probably have a (stated or unstated) list of qualities we want in a romantic partner, and when we identify (consciously or subconsciously) a person who has those qualities, we fall in love. It’s a wonderful feeling!

Do you remember that moment or that period of time when you knew you were going to fall in love with God? Perhaps you had never heard the whole story of redemption before, and when you did, you accepted Christ joyfully. Or maybe you had always known the story, but something changed and it became personal for you.

My love affair with God began with the reading of Psalm 68. It still gives me goose bumps to think of it. This passage captures God in all His splendor—so powerful that His enemies melt before Him, so loving toward the vulnerable that He defends them with tender care, so involved in the lives of His people that He marches with them through the dry wasteland. He brings good news. He creates joy. What a God! His goodness is truly the light of the world. May we never forget the love we have for Him!

Think back to when you first fell in love with God.

Heather Gemmen Wilson is the author of the Global Warning Series (WPH), a fiction series for preteens. She is married to a Wesleyan pastor.