More than 700 gathered at Presque Isle Wesleyan Church on July 30.

This Sunday morning was special as Rev. Rick Kavanaugh, lead pastor when the church was first built in 1999 in Presque Isle, Maine, spoke during the service. Presque Isle had incurred a mortgage totaling $1.1 million in 1999, and that mortgage has been paid in full. Today, Presque is pastored by Rev. Bud Fancy.

Rev. Kavanaugh preached on the impact of vision. Another beautiful moment in the service included the baptism of a mother and her son who has special needs.

“Their testimony was so moving and there were more wet cheeks than dry ones as they [mother and son] received the sacrament,” said Rev. Peter Moore, Atlantic District superintendent.

A celebration followed the service, which included lunch and bounce houses and horse rides for children.

Watch a video of the celebration.