After the massive flooding last year in Mozambique, many families were relocated away from flood plains by government programs. Some Wesleyan members were moved to two new communities on the outskirts of the city of Maputo called Jofar and Bequissa. There were no churches there, so The Wesleyan Church was requested to plant churches. Funding was provided from church gifts for land purchase, cement blocks, and “church starter packs.” Church gifts also enabled World Hope to come alongside and drill wells at the church locations so the new towns would have clean water. Last week, missionary Jim Pickett accompanied World Hope leaders who handed over a well to church and community leaders.

Jesus used an encounter at a well to bring a village to faith in Him. Pray that these wells will bring many more to Jesus as they come to the church site every day for water and come in contact with believers here. See “Living Water” in Summer 2013 Wesleyan Life

(Picture shows World Hope Director, Domingas, pumping water. Jofar Wesleyan Church is in the background.)