On July 12, 2014, the Holy Spirit worked a miracle in Napala, a village where most people are unbelievers and where they practice all sorts of vices, especially vices of alcohol, smoking, and witchcraft. With God’s help, we showed the JESUS film that evening.

Much to our surprise, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of those present, and many began to weep as they felt the love of God demonstrated in Christ’s death. At the end of the showing, 28 people came forward to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The community leader offered us a place to start a new Wesleyan church in the village. Now a cell group grows every Sunday with the help of the Lord. We are discipling these people and preparing them for their baptism. We ask for prayers for their spiritual growth.

Rev. Abel Nove has taken the district of Nampula from no churches to more than 50 in less than 10 years. Northern Mozambique has seen exponential growth in the past few years that has placed huge demands on leadership to address the need for pastors. This kind of growth requires us to work diligently to make sure these new converts are in a healthy growing environment where they are receiving the truth for the Word. If the New Testament church could add 3,000 to the church in one day, we can figure out how to assimilate and disciple each new convert that comes into our churches and under our responsibility.

–reported by Abel Nove, Nampula [a Mozambique province] district superintendent