Pastor Tomas Liso in Zambezia province, Mozambique, reports:

“The flood waters rose on Tuesday, Jan. 13th, at 9 pm. We were sleeping and I woke up hearing the water entering the house. I woke up my family. We went outside, and a while later our house collapsed. We climbed a huge tree where we spent six days in the branches without food or clean water. The seventh day we were rescued and taken to a flood relief camp. We lost everything, the food in our gardens and in storage is under dirty water. Eight members of our church died and fourteen are still unaccounted for. Even in the relief camp we have little food and dirty water, so many are sick with dysentery and malaria. Medical help is twelve miles away, on foot.”

Unlike the Mozambique flooding that received world attention two years ago, this flooding is hundreds of miles further from major news and media reporters, yet it is catastrophic for thousands of our people. An early warning system saved many lives, but great hunger, exposure, and suffering is ahead for many people. We can make a difference and our church leaders know what to do from their experience two years ago in another region. Please help them with the financial resources.

Rev. Graca Nhathelo, National Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church in Mozambique, sent this report regarding the flooding in the northern part of the country (Zambezia and Nampula):

2,685 houses and 23 churches were destroyed, and at least fifty-eight of our church members are unaccounted for. Gardens and farms are under water, people are beginning to go hungry, and many have no electricity. There is great risk of cholera.

  • Pray for the millions of people affected by these events. Many have lost much.
  • Pray for electricity to be restored. Without electricity crime increases.
  • Pray for relief to arrive quickly and to be effective.

District Superintendent Rev. Raul Diole (Central Mozambique) states: “We are experiencing the worst (widespread) flooding I have seen in my entire life.”

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