From John Lyon (CEO and President of World Hope International):

Another massive earthquake struck Nepal last night and it is reported that at least another 37 people have died and over 1,000 more are injured. In addition, the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 continues to impact thousands of people suffering in its aftermath. The Disasters Emergency Committee reported that clean water supplies have been disrupted and residents are living and defecating in the open, which is leading to outbreaks of cholera and dysentery.

In a continuing effort to provide relief, World Hope International, in partnership with The Wesleyan Church, airlifted 70 industrial strength tents for families who have lost their homes. The large, 450 sq. ft. tents are UV-proof, waterproof, rot-proof and fire retardant, and will serve as a safe haven for the many mothers and children who have been displaced during this difficult time. These tents will help protect these families from the monsoon. They arrived in Nepal today.

Also, World Hope International and Wesleyan Church teams are already in the country providing water filters and hygiene kits to families in need. These are vital items since there is a severe lack of water and sanitation infrastructure due to the earthquake.

Please join me in continued prayers for the victims of this tragic disaster and consider making a donation today to the Nepal relief efforts. Donations can be made directly to World Hope International or to the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund.

From Wesleyan Church Headquarters:

Another team is going ahead with plans to travel to Nepal on Thursday. They will include Ben Ward (Global Partners Area Director), John Lyon (World Hope CEO), Dan Irvine (Haiti Mission Director), and videographer Wesley Dean. As hotels are damaged and not ready for visitors, the team will be carrying their own equipment and staying in a tent. They will continue to provide assessment, coordinate relief efforts coming from outside, and encourage our Wesleyan churches and leaders.

Ben Ward from Global Partners states: “The Wesleyan Church in Nepal is uniquely positioned to make a major difference in this emergency. Our fifty-two churches are spread throughout the country, and they are eager to meet the needs of those in their communities who are hurting. We urgently need to invest in both relief and development to strengthen their ministries in this defining moment.”

Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund.

Thank you.