Let the righteous rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him. (Ps. 64:10)

GOD HAD ANOINTED KING DAVID . But with that came what often comes with leadership—opposition. Sometimes it is justified, such as when Nathan confronted David for murder and adultery (2 Sam. 12). Other times, it isn’t, such as when Saul tried to kill David, who was growing in popularity (1 Sam. 18). But regardless of the reason, opposition to one’s leadership can be expected.

Consider the words David used in Psalm 64: Conspiracy, plots, ambush, evil plans. At some point, almost everyone who has taken on a leadership role has experienced things that could be described that way. Leadership requires courage, as David could attest. Yet even the most courageous leaders can’t handle the challenges alone. So David poured out his struggles to the Almighty, then trusted Him to handle them. God would know how to deal with the troublemakers and quench the danger. He could even turn the enemies’ attacks around to their own destruction.

As leaders, opposition from time to time is almost a given. Not only because we live in a fallen world, but because Satan wants to thwart our kingdom work. Expect it. Bring it to the Lord when it happens. Then, like David, trust God to protect His own work through you—for it is His work, not yours. He’ll guard you and ensure all He wants you to do gets accomplished.

Copy the words of Psalm 64:10 ten times to help you memorize them.

Diane Gardner lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she is a writer and freelance editor; leads Bible studies; and enjoys reading, traveling, street fairs, and live theater.

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