I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands. (Ps. 119:60)

MELANIE AND HER TWO SISTERS lived in a house beside a road when they were children. Their father instructed them over and over to not go into the road. In his words, “If you put one toe on the road, you will be punished!”

Like all children, the girls didn’t always obey their father. One day as they played outside, they kept inching closer to the road. Stephanie, Melanie’s older sister, dared her to put a toe on the road. After looking repeatedly at the house to make sure her father wasn’t watching out the window, Melanie cautiously put her toe on the road.

The front door slammed and out stomped her angry father. Melanie was disciplined because she had not resisted the temptation of taking her sister’s dare to touch the road.

How often do we yield to the temptation to do what we know is against our Father’s will? He instructs us in the Bible, He warns us through the guidance of His Holy Spirit, and at times He sends people to caution us about making a choice that would be displeasing to our Lord.

The author of Psalm 119 chose to obey God’s commands. He not only chose to obey, he hastened to do so.

Choose to resist temptation and hasten to obey God’s commands.

Norma C. Mezoe lives in Sandborn, Indiana, where she is active in her church. She began writing after a crisis and has been a published writer for thirty years.