Two thirds of the population for the state of Minnesota lives in the twin cities and surrounding suburbs. On the north side of Minneapolis, North Point Church purchased a foreclosed property in Coon Rapids that allows church staff and congregants to better pursue its mission of “pursuing God, loving people, impacting the world.”

Our first priority is to pursue a relationship with Jesus. This is the vision that our church must live and die for. Our second priority is the kingdom. We believe that the love of Jesus is more powerful than Satan, sin, and death, and that all people need to experience Jesus’ love regardless of their ethnicity, station in life, current sins, or habits.

North Point believes that God’s love is the most empowering, life-changing force on earth. We do our best to create a safe place for people to discover, not only the message of Jesus, but also his love and presence. We think that’s the way it should be: demonstrate the love of Jesus, then tell them the reason for our love, and how they can know it too.

We’ve seen marriages restored, people freed from addictions, and people become Christ-followers. Let me share with you a couple examples of how God is radically changing lives:

A family attending North Point asked for a meeting with me. The husband confessed to an adulterous relationship. Over a two-year period we discipled them and spent many hours counseling and praying for them. While all their friends told them to end their marriage, they chose to work through the pain. During this time, the husband gave his life to Jesus and the family has been restored. God is developing them to minister to troubled marriages. They make a powerful example of God’s restorative grace.

Another family visited North Point at the invitation of one of our members. This family had given up on God and church after growing up in a legalistic and negative church. Over time they discovered that God really does love them and is as good as he says he is. They are now key attenders and have brought more families to North Point, from similar backgrounds, who are also finding healing.

Rev. David DeVel serves as senior pastor of North Point Church. Rev. Julius Strand serves as minister of visitation.

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