Daily Reading: Psalm 13:1–6

I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. (Ps. 13:5)

After a shipwreck, a man landed on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. Despite his distress, he put together a small shelter made of driftwood and started a small campfire to dry off. Hungry, he went to look for food. On his return, he found his little hut consumed in flames. Angry with God, he shouted, “Why did You let this happen?” Just then, he heard the sound of boat offshore. His would-be rescuers shouted, “We saw your smoke signal! Do you need help?”

In Psalm 13, David wondered out loud if God had forgotten him. At the time, King Saul had been chasing the young man through the wilderness, wanting to eliminate a perceived threat to his throne. The king seemed to be getting the upper hand. At one point, he came within a hundred feet of David, not knowing that his prey was so near. That alone may have been enough to push David to the point of questioning God’s love for him.

Like the man on the deserted island, we can also question God’s love and care for us when we’ve experienced a significant loss. God never promised a life free from terrible events that carry significant costs. But He did promise to stay with us as we grieve those losses, and that He will never waste anything—even our suffering.

Ask God to reveal to you one who is grieving, and ask Him to show you how to comfort that person.

Doug Schmidt is a freelance writer and editor and is on staff with his church as a small groups coach.