Oklahoma Wesleyan University has partnered with Josh McDowell to form the Josh McDowell Institute (JMI) for Christian Apologetics. The two entities will host the second annual JMI Collision Conference, which will focus on discussions on marriage and human sexuality. The conference will take place February 6 and 7 on the OKWU campus in Bartlesville, Okla.

Rosaria Butterfield, former Syracuse University tenured professor and author; Ryan Anderson, Heritage Foundation researcher and author on marriage; and Adbu Murry, president of Embrace the Truth International, will headline the JMI Collision Conference: Where Christianity and Culture Collide.

“We are commanded in Scripture to be prepared to defend our faith,” said Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. “Today it is clear that this defense must include every aspect of our private and public lives, including money, marriage, morality, sin, and sexuality. Everything.”

Groups and individuals can get more information and resources and register here.

A variety of thought-provoking sessions will take place, followed by interactive question and answer discussions. Some topics include “The Marriage Debate Today – Where Does It Stand, What’s at Stake, & Where Do We Go From Here?” and “Sexual Identity & Union with Christ.”

The conference will feature speakers with very different backgrounds, yet deliver a cohesive message that will impact both attendees and churches. Butterfield will give her testimony of overcoming her same-sex lifestyle, a story featured in Christianity Today, January 2013. The article has been read by more than a million readers and shared over 122,000 times on Facebook.

More information about the conference is available online, by email (jmiconference@okwu.edu), or by phone (918.335.6862).