Live a life worthy of the Lord. (Col. 1:10)

CHRISTIANS TOO OFTEN WORRY and experience stress in their attempts to discover God’s will for their life or a particular situation, as if there can only ever be one choice in each situation of which God would approve. The Bible itself, however, seems much less interested in some specific thing God might have called us to do and much more interested in the kind of life He has called us to live.

Paul informed the Colossian believers that he often prayed for them, that the Holy Spirit would fill them with knowledge regarding God’s will for their lives. If we stopped there, we might think he expected God to reveal to them some secret, super-specific plan for each life. Reading on, Paul seems to have suggested that “God’s will” is that they learn to walk in a manner that is worthy of the God who has called them. He further defined this worthy life as one that bears fruit, grows in knowledge, and becomes strong, with endurance, patience, and thanksgiving. In other words, Paul described not a specific plan but a specific way of life.

As Christians, we should certainly seek God’s guidance, but we don’t need to wait around for a super-specific plan. Instead, we are to let the Spirit transform us so that our walk is worthy wherever we find ourselves today.

Thank God that He has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints.

Kevin Scott is a member of the pastoral staff at Stephen Ministries, where he serves as a writer, teacher, and leader and is the author of ReCreatable.