This is the account of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God. (Gen. 6:9)

NOAH WALKED FAITHFULLY WITH GOD. This walk could be likened to an ongoing relationship between the owner of a large corporation and his most trustworthy executive. They work together but frequently have private discussions over lunch or even on the golf course

In one of their frank and open conversations, the owner decides that the corporation, though it started out well, has disintegrated into something that is entirely dysfunctional. So, he decides to dissolve the whole mess and start anew with his preferred executive.

God, the owner of the universe, always has the best solution but often carries it out in a way that defies human imagination or ability to conceive. No one had ever built an ark before, but God used Noah to produce one. What’s more, it would take a miracle of grand proportions for any man to round up two of every creature on the earth, let alone lead them into the ark. And it took a miracle to round up the endless varieties of food required and then to keep order while the ark was afloat.

You may find yourself in an impossible situation. People may abandon you because of your Christian faith. Others may persecute you for believing in God. But our God is a miracle-working God, and He sees the road ahead of you. He simply asks you to walk it with Him.

Make provision for all emergencies in life: walk with God.

Roy Proctor has been a Christian since 1976 and has been writing devotionals since 2003. His purpose is to share encouraging words for the times in which we live.