Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity. (Heb. 6:1)

OUR PASTOR’S SON WAS causing havoc. While my friend was trying to teach the Sunday school lesson to a group of preschoolers, the five-year-old boy was disrupting the class with his antics.

When instructed to sit and listen, he replied, “I already know all that!” Indeed, he had been taught Christian truth since babyhood and, at the age of five, believed he knew all there was to know about Jesus.

While we smile at the thought, it might be wise to ask ourselves if we have somehow slipped into thinking we have all the knowledge of God we need and can now manage our own lives successfully. Such thinking can not only obstruct spiritual progress, but it can also wilt our current effectiveness.

Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” This means that truth is personal, living, and active, and there is always something yet to be learned. We cannot hope to receive the deepest things of God if we limit our Christianity to mere doctrine and good deeds alone. We can know about God in this way, but it is unlikely we will experience the intimate, dynamic relationship God wants to have with us. Are you willing to go further with “the Truth,” or will you content yourself with just what you have now? God is always willing to teach us more, but we must be willing to learn.

Search yourself honestly to see if you have stopped wanting to know more of God.

Carol Chase and her husband live in Surrey, British Columbia. She is a retired administrative supervisor, enjoys gardening, and loves to pray for others.