Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. (Ps. 119:18)

MICHAEL W. SMITH sings a song that asks the Lord to open the eyes of his heart so he can see Him. Often we don’t see God’s blessings, especially when they seem hidden in tough times. Like children who don’t see the purpose of the laws parents lay down, we may consider God’s ways unreasonable at times. Of course, we may not be intentionally rebellious; we just want to do things our way—the way we are sure is right—and then ask God to bless our choices.

But God wants to show us a more excellent way. Our Lord in heaven sees eternity at a glance. He views the future around the bend with all of its potholes, obstacles, and beauty, whereas we can barely see the curve in the road. If we will bow our heads in obedience and follow His command without questioning His motives, we might see His marvelous work in our lives. “Oh, that’s why I went through the stretch of rocky path. So I could find Your blessings.”

The psalmist didn’t have a smooth road to travel by any means, but he saw that God’s laws act like iridescent bread crumbs along the way to guide us through the dark woods of life. We should open our faith-eyes to see that too.

The next time you bristle at what God calls you to obey, pray for your eyes to open wider.

Julie B. Cosgrove is a widowed Christian author and speaker who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is involved with women’s and outreach ministries.