Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. (1 Cor. 14:40)

DO YOU LIKE ORDER? I do. When I find myself in situations where chaos abounds, I get uncomfortable. Such was the case when I entered the first of two antique stores. It was anything but orderly.

The tables were cluttered with everything from antique toys to formal and fine dinnerware. If I wanted to examine a toy, I’d have to unwind thread first. Then if I turned the wrong way, I’d either bump into the mannequin dressed as a medieval knight ready for battle, or my purse would hit a piece of Franciscan hand-decorated dinnerware. I didn’t relish the idea of possibly paying someone for a plate that had shattered into a million pieces. I looked forward to the store next door.

Soft music echoed from a speaker as I walked over the threshold. It was easy to see things for sale because everything was arranged in an orderly fashion. Dinnerware was displayed with other dinnerware. Toys with toys, clothes with clothes. The aisles were wide and clear.

Another reason I felt comfortable in this second store was because I, as a Christian, have been called out of an unsaved, chaotic lifestyle by Jesus Christ to a godly, orderly one. Is there anything you need to clean up? Let’s agree to keep our eyes and hearts focused on God as we make changes to honor Him.

Prayerfully remind yourself that God has called you to an orderly life.

Priscilla Tate Gilmore is a freelance writer in Salem, Oregon. She enjoys gardening and all types of crafts.