Even the wind and the waves obey him! (Mark 4:41)

In our American WESTERN CULTURE, we often talk about the love of God. When I was a missionary in southern Africa and Cambodia, however, I encountered a different perspective in the national Christians. They are more conscious of God’s power and the realm of spiritual warfare.

One pastor shared, “Look kru [pastor] Jim, we are not against the idea of God loving us. We know this is true because the Bible tells us this is so. However, instead of just focusing on His love, we also recognize that our God is powerful! We believe He is still able to perform miracles. It does not surprise us when we pray for healing and someone is healed instantaneously. We are not shocked when we pray for daily food when money is scarce, and then find the next day’s food at our door. We expectantly pray that God will free people from the bondage of evil spirits, knowing that He can do it. Doesn’t the Bible tell us that people brought to Jesus those who were ill with various diseases—those suffering severe pain, the paralyzed, those having seizures, the demon-possessed—and He healed them all? That is God’s power at work. Aren’t we told that even the wind and the waves obey Him? That is God’s power at work. We seek to experience both His love and His power!”

Be thankful for God’s love, but don’t discount His power and ability to perform miracles.

Jim “Umfundisi” Lo is the author of Connect with God: The Purpose of Prayer(WPH).