Daily reading: Psalm 25:1–10

He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. (Ps. 25:9)

Sherpas are perfect guides when navigating the Himalayas, especially Mt. Everest. An ethnic group from the mountains of Nepal, the Sherpa are renowned for their skill, stamina, and experience at high altitudes. Some even propose they have adapted genetically, making them the logical choice for guiding climbers at high altitudes with low oxygen levels.

David didn’t circulate at high altitudes, but his Guide was equally trustworthy. David was a guide himself and familiar with qualities of a good shepherd. He observed the same qualities in his Guide, believing He would always take him down right paths. But just as shepherds don’t drive sheep, neither did David’s Guide force him to travel particular paths.

God doesn’t remove our choice to obey or disobey. His goal is conforming us to His Son’s image. Following His direction will ensure the process succeeds, but we must choose to obey regardless of the consequences. As Everest is reached only by resolute individuals who train and plan, so making our bodies and minds pure involves determination, constant examination of motives, and continual assessment of actions.

God’s primary means of guiding is through His Word. When coupled with a humble spirit, these principles will seep into our minds, allowing us to quickly recognize wrong paths and erroneous ideas that prevent us from reaching the holiness pinnacle.

When pulled in different directions, determine you will choose God’s.

Martin Wiles loves using his writing to help others move further in their journey toward spiritual maturity.