Daily Reading: Psalm 105:1–5

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. (Ps. 105:2)

Storm-driven waves rolled in off the Atlantic to crash against the rocks below Winslow Homer’s studio. The wind and rain kept most people indoors on such a day, but Homer loved to observe the ocean and sky in all kinds of weather. He spent hours walking around the rocky point where he lived, studying and sketching all that he saw. In one of his letters, he told of walking backward one day all the way home so he wouldn’t miss one moment of a sunset.

Homer chose to give up city life and move to Maine so that he could pursue his dream of painting the sea, but he wanted others to see and appreciate its beauty too. It couldn’t have been easy or convenient, but he worked hard to market his work. Because of this diligence, people around the world can today see Homer’s seascapes in museums, books, and online.

In this psalm, we are urged to be as diligent as an artist to observe God’s wonderful acts, His miracles, and all He does in our lives and in the world around us. But we’re not supposed to stop there. Just like Winslow Homer, we are to do whatever it takes to tell others about His wonders through our songs of praise and thanksgiving.

Share with someone the wonders God is doing in your life.

Kathy O’Neill and her husband live in Oklahoma City, where she loves teaching about Jesus with illustrations.