We will worship and then we will come back to you. (Gen. 22:5)

TEN YEARS AGO, I found myself feeling insecure about my faith, my life, and my overall future. I felt like every part of my life had been thrown up in the air and I was doing my best to catch everything so nothing would fall to the ground.

It was during this time that God spoke to me. “Do you not see? Your life hasn’t been tossed in the air for you not to be able to catch any of it.” Through these words He opened my eyes to see the bigger picture. He was standing there holding each part of my life in His hands and waiting for the right time to give them back to me.

Abraham went up the mountain not knowing what God would do. He only knew that God had promised he would be the father of many nations through Isaac. Through his faith, Abraham believed God would provide. He did not know how or when, but he had the faith to say to his servants, “We will come back to you.”

The church needs more men and women who will step out in faith and listen and obey even when the outcome is unknown. God is calling us, just as He did Abraham, to walk by faith and trust Him to hold the pieces of our lives.

Ask God to strengthen your faith.

Traver Paul Butcher is passionate about other cultures, travel, the outdoors, music, art, writing, leadership development, and introducing people to a man named Jesus.