Daily Reading: Hebrews 13:15–16; Acts 2: 42–47

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Heb. 13:16)

Our two dogs like to lie around my chair while I work. They want to be close in case food drops or I decide it’s time for a walk. They sprawl out, taking up more and more room as they stretch and twitch in their dreams.

So we were all in our places recently while I prepared a Bible study for the next day. The work was going slowly, and when I glanced at the clock and saw how late it was, I groaned out loud. Amber, our Golden Retriever, got up and left the room. Since she usually leaves when there is any tension, I shrugged and didn’t give it any more thought.

After a minute, though, Amber reappeared with her gray bunny, a favorite toy she likes to chase and squeak, but rarely brings back. She trotted over to my chair and dropped it into my lap. Surely, this beloved toy would cheer me up. It did, too; when she spat that bedraggled bunny into my lap, I laughed and was able to go back to work with a lighter heart.

By understanding my need and using her gift of retrieving to give me something of value, Amber showed me how to put into practice the message in this verse of doing good and sharing with others.

Find ways to help others. These sacrifices of our time and talents please God.

Kathy O’Neill and her husband live in Oklahoma City, where she loves teaching about Jesus with illustrations.