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When the “Fall Fury” tornadoes swept across the Midwest on Sunday, November 17, nowhere saw more destruction than Washington, Illinois. In that one location, over one thousand homes were damaged or destroyed by an EF-4 tornado.

Poured Out Ministries (disaster and relief partner of The Wesleyan Church) has sprung into action once again. They have already been onsite in Illinois with their team for more than a week, and have been engaged in operations helping home-owners.

They established a relationship with First Baptist Church, which is very near to the damage path. With that partnership, they can house and feed volunteers and help perform the same tasks of searching, clearing debris, repairing, and helping as they did after the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma, last summer.

This operation will only last 2+ weeks, wrapping up before Christmas. They need assistance from volunteers or teams of any size who can drop everything and come for a couple of days up to a couple weeks. The conditions are quite cold, so volunteers should prepare to wear layers of clothing.

According to one of the Poured Out leaders, Levi Adams, they have already been helping victims from this storm. One homeowner, Ruth Ann, is an 82-year-old widow that took shelter in her basement as the storm approached. The tornado threw a car right through her house into her basement. Wreckage fell all around and over her. Although she suffered a broken shoulder and a large cut on her forehead, it is incredible that she emerged alive. She has an amazing testimony of how God extended his power to save her life.

Hundreds of homeowners near the Poured Out base are still in shock with the devastation that they find themselves in. Please consider lending a hand.

Go to the Poured-Out website to see how you can help. You can also e-mail for additional information.

Tornado damage in Washington Illinois from Fall Fury Nov 2013

Tornado damage Washington Illinois Nov 2013