But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go!” (Acts 9:15)

AS KIDS WE LOVED to run races. We chose a starting line, someone yelled, “Go!” and off we went to see who reached the finish line first. The game held a little risk; you could come in last or you might fall and either hurt or embarrass yourself. Nevertheless, when we heard the word go we flew into action.

God told Ananias to go. God was asking him to seek out a man named Saul. Ananias did not act immediately—he understandably hesitated. He recognized the risk of going to meet this man. Saul was known for the harm he had done, arrests he had made, and the persecution he had led against believers. Ananias turned to God and voiced those concerns. With God’s help Ananias was able to overcome his hesitation and obey God’s instruction. He placed his hands on Saul’s eyes and made Saul’s conversion complete. By obeying God, Ananias became a vital part in God’s plan.

Sometimes we feel God’s nudge to go, but we hesitate because we see the potential for risk, loss, or failure. Just like Ananias, we can turn to God and voice our hesitation. Then we must listen carefully, allowing God to give us the confidence, wisdom, and leading we need to overcome our fears. God will use us in vital ways when with His help we overcome our hesitations and go!

Determine where God is calling you to go today.

Cheryl A. Paden has been married for over thirty-seven years to Richard, and they have three wonderful sons and live in Fremont, Nebraska.