“For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before,” says the Lord. (Jer. 33:11)

You can count on God’s Word. If He says He will do it, then He will. His purposes are not without vision and His Word is not without power. He can speak and restore the land, giving back the possibilities of harvest once again. Even after a long drought or famine, His Word covers the need. In our disobedience and pride, we dried up and missed His presence. Now, He wishes only to renew us and revive our dead hearts.

Our offerings of thankfulness shouldn’t stop when hard times come. If we cry out to Him, He will return us to the original plan—prosperity and joy. Our praises bring us closer to the God of creation, and He is moved to stand in the gap for us, restoring all we have lost. It won’t matter what others say about your situation. God is in control of your life.

He prepares us for the harvest that will fill His kingdom. When we take Him at His word, we make faith work on our behalf and shed light on His mercy. Others are watching to see how we handle the famine and the plenty. What will they see in your life? Fear, dread, and faithlessness? As He restores the land to us, let us shout to the heavens and bring glory to the provider of all things.

Remind the Lord of His promises today and prepare for the restoration.

Jan Cline is a speaker and the director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.