Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. (Judg. 16:30)

The motion picture industry would suffer a huge loss if we passed a law against comeback stories. How many movies—both fiction and nonfiction—show characters who fall from the top of their game into failure, but somehow return and win even greater victories than before? Something inside us cheers for the prizefighter who wins in the final round or the romantic who finally wins the heart of another.

Samson fell from the top of his game when he broke his special commitment to God, the Nazirite vow in effect all his life. He knew from two earlier occasions that Delilah was attempting to subdue him. When he finally gave in to her request to reveal the source of his strength, he was blinded and imprisoned by the Philistines. Yet God allowed him a powerful comeback, helping him defeat even more of Israel’s enemies in his final victory than he had during his entire life.

Perhaps your failure hasn’t resulted in blindness or imprisonment, but in a financial loss, a broken relationship, or a fragmented dream. You can kick yourself for your sin and neglect. Or you can pray, like Samson, that God would remember you and strengthen you to face the battle again. Trust that God will give you a powerful comeback, not only to help you celebrate a personal victory, but to help you score a win for His kingdom as well.

Trust God to bring you whatever type of victory He chooses.

Paul Zinter has served as a pastor and editor. He enjoys writing, bread making, and teaching at his local church.