Ecuador is in a state of emergency and needs our prayers for assistance and recovery.

As you know, a major 7.8 earthquake hit in Ecuador this past weekend and a 6.2 earthquake also struck the country a few days later. This devastating natural disaster has taken the lives of over 500 people and injured more than 4,000–marking the worst natural disaster the country has faced in decades.

With ongoing aftershocks, the country is in ruins and the hunt for missing victims continues. Hundreds of buildings have been damaged, including some 150 schools. While tourist areas are among the hardest hit, many remote villages are still inaccessible due to landslides and damaged communications systems.

World Hope International has long been dedicated to providing emergency response to countries and communities that require assistance, and we are currently working to provide Ecuador with water filters and hygiene kits–two vital emergency supplies according to our Wesleyan Church partners on the ground in the country. We are working with our Wesleyan Church partners in Ecuador to ensure that our initial supply of water filters and hygiene kits are delivered next week. We will send additional supplies as needed.

We ask that you consider making a donation today to help us purchase and deliver these water filters and hygiene kits to Ecuadorians as they work to rebuild their country after this terrible natural disaster.

Please join us in prayer for the victims and their families as the country begins the long journey towards recovery and consider donating to our Ecuador relief fund today.

Editor’s note: The epicenter of the earthquakes took place hundreds of miles from where our Wesleyan churches are located, and, therefore, we are fortunate to not be reporting any victims in our churches. However, we are involved in helping in the relief assistance of World Hope.