As Christians, God commissioned us to make disciples of all nations, to join Christ in his mission to reach everyone everywhere.

With 4 in 10 people living without access to the gospel — that’s billions of people — stepping into such a monumental mission can feel paralyzing … but it doesn’t have to stop us in our tracks.

As Global Partners, we take a prayerful, strategic approach to launching and growing local churches in global communities. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the result is a ripple effect of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches, until the gospel is spread from everywhere to everywhere.

 Everyone has a role to play in this mission. Some go, some equip … and many people give.

We are deeply thankful for the many Wesleyan churches, pastors and members who are actively playing their role in the Great Commission, until everyone everywhere has access to life with Jesus.

This year, we saw five new missionaries appointed. In addition to these five, there have been several who have taken the first step of saying “yes” to the calling the Lord has placed on their hearts. In part, some of these individuals have gotten to this place of clarity and obedience because of their experience with NEXT — a mentored cross-cultural immersion internship. Overall, the internship saw 19 young adults encounter cross-cultural ministry this year.

Discipleship continues to spread around the world in ways that may initially seem simple, but truly leave a lasting impact. For example, a missionary serving in Croatia took a step of faith this year in asking her longtime friend and hairdresser if she’d be interested in discipleship. It was a meaningful ask, one that had been desired by both of them.

Christian higher education is growing in Zambia with the establishment of Africa Wesleyan University. The university will begin with theology, education and nursing programs with plans of expanding to include agriculture and business.

Because of the obedience of an Indonesian man, The Wesleyan Church was established in Karo in 1998 with six initial congregations. Today, those churches have multiplied, resulting in 37 Wesleyan churches in the area, with more than 3,000 members. This example of successful church multiplication — in a Muslim country — is very exciting!

Part of the Asian Church is multiplying, sending Asian missionaries to minister in the Middle East. Using medical or business platforms, they have been able to gain access to locations that missionaries from the West cannot typically access.

We praise God for the countless ways he is moving in every area of the globe and for inviting each of us into this mission until everyone, everywhere has access to life with Jesus.

Missionaries mobilized

  • 138 in long-term service (4+ years)
  • 19 NEXT participants (mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for the next generation)
  • 5 newly appointed missionaries

Partnerships engaged

  • 692 of North American Wesleyan churches engaged with Global Partners, including individual member giving

Generosity inspired

  • $ 11,053,854 in contributions

Followers multiplied

  • 20,533 baptisms
  • 173,972 church attendees (outside of US and Canada)
  • 16,256 salvations

Leaders developed

Churches reproduced

  • 2,999 churches in Global Partners’ fields
  • 222 new church plants

Thank you for your generous giving and faithful prayer to reach the 4 in 10 who live without access to the gospel. Because of your investment and support, many are experiencing the transforming power of Jesus.

Heather Auker is the communications’ supervisor for Global Partners.