Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH) serves as a leader in communicating the message of holiness around the world, and we do that in more than one way! So, what does WPH do exactly?

We publish resources and books

WPH is responsible for providing resources that are relevant for communicating God’s unchanging message in today’s world. We publish books and resources that relate to deeper devotion, Christian living, ministry leadership, spiritual growth, and social issues.

You can check out some of our books and resources here.

We provide curriculum

Our Wesley Bible Curriculum is the choice of growing Sunday schools and small groups that value the holiness doctrinal distinctives and the mission to evangelize and disciple generations for Christ. Our curriculum is broken down into a few different formats:

  • Vista
  • Light from the Word
  • Adult Teachers Guide
  • Adult Student (also available in large print)

In addition to print copies, our Light from the Word daily devotional is available as an email subscription.

You can learn more about our curriculum here.

We sell promotional items

WPH is proud to host a variety of promotional items that can be used to express your dedication to The Wesleyan Church. These items include a pair of socks, a mug, a small notebook, a lapel pin and more!

You can view these items here.

We provide free resources for churches

WPH has developed free discipleship resources (or Shepherding Resources) for the local church that correspond to some of the books and resources we publish. These resources are ideal for nurturing spiritual formation church-wide or in small groups. Many of our books have corresponding group leader’s guides, sermon notes and more.

You can find the resources here.


Wesleyan Publishing House is proud to be a leader in communicating the message of holiness through the publication of quality resources for local churches and ministries around the world. We strive to help you find a resource that will speak to you and increase your passion for living as a fully-devoted follower of Jesus!