Give to Mozambique WERF

It’s been seven weeks since Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, causing extreme damage to the area.

The Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund (WERF) was activated on March 19 to assist victims in desperate need of relief. To date, more than $83,300 has been raised through WERF. Donations have been used to purchase water purification drops, construction items and medicine, as well as to transport eight tons of locally-donated clothing. Monetary donations are also being used to provide food for those who report to five work sites where churches are being rebuilt. Mozambican church leaders are coordinating the work sites.

In recent days, Cyclone Kenneth triggered more flooding in the area. While Cyclone Idai was deemed a category 3 storm, Kenneth was a category 4 storm. Cyclone Idai was the strongest cyclone on record for the Southern Hemisphere with 120 mph winds. Cyclone Kenneth hit six weeks later with 145 mph winds.

According to Abel Nove, Nampula district superintendent, 10 Wesleyan churches in the area have been affected by Cyclone Kenneth. Power lines and cell phone networks are down in some other areas that were affected by Cyclone Kenneth, and Nove cannot reach those church leaders to know of their specific situation.

Wesleyans are urged to continue to pray, and significant needs remain. Relief and rebuilding efforts will be ongoing. To read the original WERF announcement, click here.

Give to WERF.

Photos: Rebuilding the Inhamatunga church.